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Customer Testimonials

Aren Electric - Customer Testimonials

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Aren Electiric services. 

Review by Deborah L.
"He called back immediately when I called. He was available in a reasonable amount of time. He was focused on the task, and explained what he was doing."
"He showed me what he was doing, and tested the work to my satisfaction."

Review by Marianne O.
"I would definitely call them."
"He was just very knowledgeable, friendly, and nice. I was satisfied with the job he did."

Review by Nancy K.
"Use them. "
"They're accommodating, professional, and they work around my hectic schedule."

Review by Susan M.
"They're very knowledgeable, timely, and competitively priced."

Review by Rebecca F.
"I would tell them they were easy to work with, responsive, and they got the job done. " "They got the job done and I thought the price was reasonable."

Review by Barbara M.
"Very competent and professional"
"They were competent."

Review by Patricia L.
"He was very helpful and he didn't rush the job. He put a lot of time and effort into getting the right parts for a job that no other company would take on."
"They did an excellent job. They have a lot of knowledge and experience in regards to relay systems for older homes. They were on time and efficient. When I looked in the Diamond Certified Directory to find an electrical contractor, Aren Electric was the only company who had any sort of experience doing relay systems in my area."

Review by William H.
"He is a very good electrician and he knows what he is doing. He is not the least expensive, but you get what you pay for. All that Gerry has done has been well worth it."
"He just get his job done and it works fine."

Review by Brian S.
"They've been in business for quite some time, so there's really nothing in the electrical world that they can't do. I would recommend their services."
"They don't 'BS' or upsell their customers. They're completely honest and there are no surprises when using them, which is fantastic."

Review by Pasquale P.
"He is very thorough, he explained everything, and he gave me options on how to fix different things. He did exactly what I wanted to do and he solved the problems."
"I like his integrity. They worked very hard."

Review by Teodora
"They are upfront, trustworthy, and competent."
"They had great customer service. They were personable, they answered all of my questions, and they accommodated my needs."

Review by Julia V.
"They were highly professional. I feel they went above and beyond for me."
"I appreciated their ability to go above and beyond for me. For instance, I asked them questions that weren't related to the specific job they were doing at that moment, and asked for their advice. They had no problem answering my questions and helping me out."

Review by Joanne D.
"Aren was extremely efficient, knowledgeable, very pleasant, and explained things well."
"He knew what he was doing and he did the job well. They're competent."

Review by Bruce A.
"They're very nice, thorough, and they didn't try to rob me. He let me know that there were things I could do myself. He told me that I could pay him to do some things or he could teach me how to complete the tasks myself. He told me the things I needed to know and gave me straightforward information. "
"I liked the guy's honesty."

Review by Karen S.
"I'd say to use them. Their price is equitable with other contractors, but the workmanship is superior."
"His workmanship and gracious attitude"

Review by Gail K.
"They know what they're doing when it comes to electrical work."
"They show up right on time, they're careful while they work, and they clean up at the end."

Review by Rena K.
"They were very honest and reasonably priced. They found some additional work that needed to be done, but they gave me the opportunity to make the choice to have it done. They didn't gouge me."
"They were on time and did the work quickly. I was happy."

Review by Melanie T.
"They're excellent. I would definitely recommend them."
"They took the time to explain what was happening. They immediately responded to my initial request, which a lot of other companies fail to do. I thought they were very honest and knowledgeable. I will keep using them for any additional jobs. I think they're an exceptional company."

Review by Linda G.
"I would certainly recommend him. He is honest and he knows what he is doing. You get a fair job at a fair price."
"He returns calls."

Review by Florence S.
"They're a reliable and reputable local company."
"They get the job completed in a timely fashion."

Review by Jenny K.
"They were very honest, punctual, and reliable."
"I liked their honesty. We had a great experience."

Review by U. P. I. C.
"Gerry was very polite and listened to everything that needed to be done. The project timeline was executed very well."
"Gerry was very polite, concise, and honest."

Review by Alex N.
"They are professional."
"They showed up when they said they would, diagnosed the problem, and found a resolution."

Review by Rosemarie L.
"He did very good work and is very conscientious." "He did very good work, and as a bonus, he pointed out a problem with our heating and air unit."

Review by Alyce B.
"He was very professional, courteous, polite, and personable. I enjoyed working with him."
"I liked that he thoroughly explained everything he did. He also told me how to go about looking for contractors and gave me a brochure on the matter."

Review by Carolyn C.
"He was outstanding and very professional."
"He did an excellent job while he was here. He installed a lighting unit and the attached fan was so loud it was driving me crazy, so he came back and installed a quieter one. He did everything beautifully."

Review by Deborah M.
"They stand behind their work."
"I like that they are flexible and work with you on scheduling appointments."

Review by David K.
"They were very respectful and neat. I liked the high quality of the work."
"The guys were really great and they kept everything clean."

Review by Elaine G.
"He's just a great guy, all the way around. He is very honest, timely, responsive, and straightforward."
"I like that he explains everything and is honest and upfront. He tells you exactly what you need, as well as what you don't need. "

Review by Lorene R.
"He was on time, thorough, and did a good job. He was diligent in finding the problem and coming up with a solution."
"I liked that he was timely and pleasant to work with."

Review by Jackie H.
"Gerry does a good job. He shows up on time and does the work."
"Gerry is a really easy going and nice person."

Review by Linda G.
"I believe that they are reliable and they come when they say they will. The gentleman is very nice and communicates well. "
"I like the fact that Gerry knew exactly what he was doing, he worked promptly and neatly, and he answered all of my questions."

Review by Maha D.
"Quick, responsive, and very professional. Gerry knows what he's doing."
"He had a solution for everything. He should keep doing what he's doing."

Review by Maxine S.
"Gerry is professional, knowledgeable, and very cordial. I feel comfortable having him in my home."
"I felt that Gerry was honest. He was pricey, but I don't mind paying for good service."

Review by William H.
"He really knows his stuff. He's not the cheapest, but he's good."
"I like Gerry's professionalism and his responsiveness."

Review by Celia Z.
"They are very reliable and responsive."
"The service they provided, they did the work properly."

Review by Edwin M.
"Gerry is very neat with his work. He's very neat with the material that he has to tear out or put in. He's a very tidy worker."
"He did what I asked him to do. He knew the best way to do the job and did it the way I wanted it done. He agreed with me on what I wanted. I had other guys give me estimates, but they had excuses about getting things done. Gerry just got right to it. He's excellent."

Review by Mark P.
"Considerate and forward-thinking"
"Gerry, he is knowledgeable and honest."

Review by Victoria P.
""He was very friendly, and he saved me money. Another electrician wanted to replace my entire box, whereas Aren fixed what needed to be fixed and didn't try to sell me more than what I needed. We went through my house and checked my whole house for safety."
"I feel like he didn't oversell his service. I have used them about 3 times already, and I will continue to use them as my electrician. He spent a lot of time with me explaining every step. I was very happy with their service and that they had weekend service appointments."

Review by Ali M.
"He's competent, very courteous, and trustworthy."
"He's competent."

Review by Christy M.
"You are getting quality and someone who is very invested in making sure you are satisfied. He's a very honest person."
"His reliability and quality of work, I have complete trust in him. I don't mind being alone with him or having my daughter around him. I feel confident in everything he does and trust him entirely. If more people were like him in this business, there would never be disgruntled customers."

Review by Denise C.
"He is very professional."
"They do a really good job. He is neat and he is clean."

Review by Donna L.
"He's honest, trustworthy, and very good."
"He came and gave me a quote, then came out and did the work. He's very honest charge-wise."

Review by Ed P.
"They did our lighting and did a good job."
"He worked hard."

Review by Faustine S.
"He is very reliable."
"He explains what he is doing totally. He makes sure you are satisfied and the work is clean. He is well regarded in the area."

Review by Gary F.
"He's fabulous. We use him for all our electrical work."
"He's reasonable, honest, and he explains things. Also, he does quality work."

Review by James Y.
"He's done quite a bit of work for me and it's been trouble free."
"He is punctual, reasonably priced, he does quality work, and he is very knowledgeable. In the past three years, anytime I need anything electrical, I only engage him. I always check with him first."

Review by Kathy G.
"I would say that Gerry is very professional. He has a strong work ethic. He is a very genuine and nice man. He has competitive prices and excellent service."
"I would say the level of professionalism in the service. I had a really good experience."

Review by Patricia C.
"He was exceptional. "
"He is very polite and pleasant. He's on time. If I call him, he may not come that day, but he comes the next day."

Review by Ellen S.
"Very, very good company"
"Gerry is very knowledgeable, very efficient, and very fair."

Review by Tony L.
"Use him."
"He is friendly and he also made himself available."

Review by Margo M.
"He was very easygoing, friendly, answered your questions, and had expertise. He gave you the facts about what needed to be done."
"I felt that he was very honest and above board."

Review by Gerilynn M.
"I would say that they pay very close attention to detail."
"I've used them a few times, and I have confidence that they know what they're doing."

Review by Luciano P.
"Go ahead and use them."
"Just the quality of the work."

Review by Don H.
"The quality of their work is consistent. You can count on them getting the work done properly."
"I like the quality of their work. I think it's top-notch."

Review by Marian E.
"The quality of the work and the explanation of what was happening were excellent, but they seemed to be significantly pricier than their competitors."
"I like that Gerry explained exactly what the process would involve and how to maintain his work."

Review by Maxine C.
"Very good"
"They were very thorough."

Review by William F.
"He does great work, and he really pays attention to the customer."
"He does great work. He's punctual, and he cleans up after himself. I wouldn't feel bad letting him come here to do the work without me being in the house."

Review by Virginia V.
"He comes when you call and does the work you need. But he doesn't do more than that."
"I like the idea that he is prompt. He comes and does the work and bills me. It is kind of a handshake agreement."

Review by Thomas C.
"They're fine so call them."
"That they didn't call me at dinner time."

Review by a Neighbor in South San Francisco, CA
Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures
"Aren Electric was chosen as he returned my call promptly and was able to accommodate my parents as the repair was for their property in a timely manner. My parents stated that he was very thorough with his inspection, respect for their personal property in cleaning up completely and even went out of his way to help my mom place items back in the cabinet that needed to be removed for the repair."

Review by Elwood C. in South San Francisco, CA
Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures
"Very professional and very knowledgable."

Review by Dale S. in Burlingame, CA
Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures
"He was excellent!"

Review by a Neighbor in San Mateo, CA
Install a Ceiling Fan
"did a great job - very professional - cleaned up after job - on time - would use again"

Review by Nani K. in San Carlos, CA
Upgrade an Electrical Panel or Wiring
Gerry is very reliable and knowledgeable.

Review by Gary F. in Millbrae, CA
Upgrade an Electrical Panel or Wiring
"Gerry did everything I asked for. He was very detail oriented and knowledgeable of local codes. He made sure that I was pleased with his work before leaving."

Review by a Neighbor in Foster City, CA
Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures
"The electrician was very professional and personable. Would hire him again and refer him to others. I also bought a 1 year policy for his safety check I was so impressed!"

Review by John B. in San Bruno, CA
Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures
"prompt/good work"

Review by Janis L. in San Carlos, CA
Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures
"He was on time. Fix everything I needed fixed and was very polite"

Review by Rebecca B. in San Carlos, CA
Upgrade an Electrical Panel or Wiring
"He was on time and gave a very detailed estimate. The work was done professionally."